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Who We Are
  • We are Catholic in orientation, particularly embracing the Roman, Anglican and Celtic traditions, but not necessarily limited to those.  We embrace tradition, and defend each other's right to their traditions.

  • We welcome anyone who comes with a sincere heart and open mind.  Those who come as a body are welcome and encouraged to retain and celebrate their traditions, disciplines, teachings and hierarchies.  We only ask that everyone respect each other as you would wish to be respected.  Not everyone here might be doing as you do, but everyone here will be celebrating and defending your right to do as you do.

  • We have particular concern for those who have been left behind by other religious bodies, whether as a result of faction-fighting, as a result of virtual abandonment (such as closed churches or people overseas from home and their own church's efforts for them are insufficient).

  • We also feel special concern for those who feel the need for more than their church is willing to offer.

  • The fact that you come here does not require you to leave any other church or religious body to which you might already belong.

  • Historically, churches and other religious bodies have survived persecution through their liturgy and/or ritual.  We choose to use liturgy as the seed to plant for growth. 

  • We extend to other religious bodies and spiritual paths a full measure of respect, and we expect the same from them.

Who We Are NOT
  • We are not "renegade Episcopalians", or a body of people who has left the body popularly known in the US as "The Protestant Episcopal Church".  We are a separate and distinct body, with our own history. The word "Episcopal" is in our name due to the fact that we choose to have bishops. 

  • We prefer not to be called "Christian" as a body, even if some of our members prefer to refer to themselves individually with that label.  If they do so, that is their own business, but we find the term confining.

  • We do not claim to have all knowledge or all possible ways to salvation, redemption, or enlightenment.  We do claim to have found some which do work for us.

  • We do not insist that anyone leave or abandon another spiritual path to join our path.  The only possible exception to this would be in the case of another path which is inherently incompatible, and in that case the exception would probably only in terms of administrative membership, not spiritual pursuit.

  • We actually could not care less about what other groups you belong to, or the names of other deities which you might address in your daily life, so long as The Law Of One, as taught by the Universal Gnostic Fellowship, is not violated.  The Law Of One, simply stated, is a basic principle that no spiritual path is inherently and/ or absolutely right or wrong.  For more details, follow this link.

  • We are not out to convert anyone to or from any spiritual path.  We are here to help people remain on paths which help them, find paths which will help them, end explore their own spiritual experience, which is a uniquely individual matter. 

Church Services

We offer a weekly Eucharist based on the 1928 Book Of Common Prayer.  This is offered via the Internet to everyone in the world who wishes to enjoy it.  It is not intended to be a substitute for a conveniently available service/ ritual which should meet your needs.  But if no such service/ ritual is conveniently available, this is available.  We also invite friends and family of those in such need to come to this service so that they can share it, as much as possible as if they were together at home.

More will come as we grow.

What Else Might We Offer?

We will add more here as we grow.  We are especially interested in those who are interested in ministry.  If you are already ordained by another body and are interested in incardination, we would like to hear from you.  A path of ordination is in the works.

Want To Help?

Stay tuned and see!

Who is Bishop Lippitt?

See for yourself!  Once very much an active part of another denomination and wanting nothing more than to serve as a priest, he discovered the "dark side" of so many of the mainstream denominations with their faction fights, gossip, and so much more.  After coming to doubt and question all that he had ever thought he had known, he found himself in Wicca, and welcomed there.  And there he met Rt Rev Jerome Birnbaum, a Wiccan High Priest, bishop, and much more.  Jerome not only trained and ordained him as a priest, he showed him where there might be bridges built, and where doors might be found.  This led him to wonder why so much fuss is made about how someone's spiritual path might be better or worse than someone else's, and he found proof of what might be!  To see what that might be, come and see!

Bishop Lippitt, Yuengling (in the bishop's lap), and Veronica
The production staff