Some Who Are Very Special
We Honor, Remember, And Celebrate

Regardless of the terminology used to refer to them (saints, celestial masters, ascended masters, or whatever), there are those whose impact on those living on our plane of existence leaves an impact which becomes a blessing to anyone and everyone willing to receive it.  And so it is with these. 

One, an archangel, is acknowledged a saint by many and debated by others.

The rest we celebrate as saints regardless of how long it takes others to do so.

Presented in the order of their celebrations during the course of the year.

Tempest Kayne Smith
September 16, 1988 - February 20, 2001

We honor her as a martyr.  She was a victim of bullying.  More specifically, she was a victim of religious bullying, tormented by her classmates because of the religious path she chose.  The bullying was done in the name of someone who is probably very upset about yet another hurt done in his name.  And the apologies of her classmates came too late.

Celebrate February 20th
Follow this link for the propers of her celebration

Lord Pan Lippitt
March 1990 - April 17, 2008

Cats (and dogs) are children of The Divine as much as people, and seeing how Lord Pan looked at the altar gave us no doubt.  And the personality is one component of what we refer to as "the soul", and he definitely had a personality that let us see his soul.

In the hours after he passed, there were "things that happened" which we consider blessings.  Through him, we can celebrate all of our four-footed "kids".

Celebrate April 17th

Father Solanus Casey
November 25, 1870 - July 31, 1957

Fr Solanus and Bishop Lippitt's great-grandfather had a mutual acquaintance whom some regard as famous or infamous.    But that is not why we honor Fr Solanus here.

We honor him for his spirituality, his insight, and some of the special advice he gave, such as "give thanks in advance."  But most especially, the example he set as a priest.  Not allowed to preach or hear confessions, he made the most of the priesthood he was given. 

Celebrate July 31
Follow this link for the propers of his celebration

Saint Uriel

Holding a sword and scales, St Uriel is an archangel who cares about those who fear, are alone, or are the victims of injustice. 

Whether Saint Uriel ever shared this life with us or not, we honor Saint Uriel by giving her name to this first church established by the Universal Episcopal Church.

Celebrate September 29th

Jerome Birnbaum
January 30, 1935 - November 17, 2005

AKA "Jerome Peartree", Priest, High Priest, Bishop, teacher, and friend.  Wiccan, but much more.  It would be hard to claim there was a spiritual path which he did not embrace.  He trained and ordained Lady Stormy and then Aidan (Bishop Lippitt).  His omnidenominational approach opened doors, eyes and minds.

Even at his passing, he broke new ground, as his grave at Circle Cemetery is marked with one of the first headstones issued for veterans with the Pentacle.

Celebrate November 17th
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